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They are perfect every morning with your coffee and All- Bran. Much better for your mental health than the daily newspaper. Guaranteed!

They will make you laugh, sigh and wonder … and maybe offer a little respite from this mad world for a few minutes each day.

🍁LEAVES will not help you get fit, or save the planet, or organize your closet, or make a great lasagna, but you will usually find here:

  • evocative travel tales from a woman who takes to the road alone

  • lightly snarky, humorous commentary on life and aging

  • short character-driven fiction and micro-fiction

  • family tales from a tribe possibly not unlike your own

  • short articles about antique lace

  • silly ( but true) cat stories for the ailurophile readers

  • AND one or two chapters from Bartle Clunes - published serially and kept in the archive so you can start at the beginning.

We have a lot in common, you and I — we are, after all, probably of the same species! Admittedly, I am slightly askew from having lived in Santa Cruz my whole life, but if you are not afraid to muck about inside my lightly demented, but invariably optimistic old head, please stop in daily for a quick read in the archive.

🍁LEAVES are free for everyone. Subscribers receive a couple of new posts every Saturday morning via email — plus the latest chapters from Bartle Clunes. Stop by any time to catch up on what you’ve missed. It is all worthy. No kidding.

Sharron Bassano

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